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Why Choose Magic Mirror Kingston

Notice how events, parties, ect are all the same old same old? Same DJ, same songs, same dinner, same dancing, I even think it was the same decorations.
Half the people couldn’t get off their phones long enough to know what was going on the other half hung out at the bar. And the photo guy, with those cheesy props that smelled like my recycle bin, and that sparkly background that looked outdated in 1994.

Us to!

We got bored with the same old party tricks, un eventful events, and stuffy non profit events where they were more focused open getting in my wallet than showing me a good time.

Events get more stale as time goes on with the same old party rentals, clowns, photo booths that blow up, or no actual booth just a guy with a camera with funny smelling props.

And with the generation gap mean half the party is afraid of new technology, and the other won’t get off their phones long enough to know where they are!
Leading to Event after Event of minimally acceptable parties & forgettable events.

It’s one Missed opportunity after another for amazing Events and Vendors that care more about their bottom line than you getting the value you deserve.
So we searched the globe for a cutting-edge solution, something engaging, interactive, something big, bright, immersive. Something to combat the radical engagement of a cell phone but friendly enough for any age.

Introducing the, Magic Mirror

Our company mission is to exceed expectations

Magic Mirror Kingston is an immersive experience for Premium Events. Focusing on enabling more people to become the life of the party, Increase the overall event experience, capturing & sharing those moments in new ways. Blending the nostalgia of the traditional Photo booth with new Technology & social media. we are Constantly raising events to new heights.
Its a 6’ tall Monolith Mirror and comes to life with the largest touch screen in the business. Sporting the newest kinetic camera it boasts both gesture & touch controls, all in a sleek, sexy steel case. Producing lights and sounds animations, graphics, interactive workflows, and even compliments! We strive to make the entire process as easy as possible from booking With automated scheduling, to heightened communication via email follow up, auto deposit & scheduled billing, to pre set or custom workflows to suit every situation! In use, you have the nostalgia of getting a large 4×6 photograph to take home & instant sharing options, where the same picture is sent to your phone via email or text! Making it perfect to share instantly and brag about the fantastic time your having! We increase fun, increase memories, increase sharing & increase your accolades!

We constantly search out new, fun and interesting ways to customize your experience. Cutting edge graphics, animations, games and more keeping us on the leading edge of Photo booth technology. Making sure no two events are the same and being able to fully customize every screen from start to finish!