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How much is a photo booth rental?

The pricing for a photo booth rental varies both on the service you choose and the time-length of the rental. A standard 3 hour photo booth rental starts at $1100.

What type of photo booth packages do you offer?

We offer Premium, Corporate & Custom Magic Mirror packages. Click Here to see them.

Where can I find my photo booth pictures?

All event images can be found on the USB given to you the evening of the event. & They will be uploaded to the online portal within a few days of the event.

Can guests share their photos directly to social media?

Yes!! And we encourage you to! The magic mirror can generate a qr code, email or even text you image saved to your phone immediately. Send and share your photo on all your favorite platforms!

What Size are the picture Prints?

We use 4×6 standard in all packages.

What kind of props does the company offer?

Magic Mirror is more conscious of sanitary conditions than most, so we offer you to pre-purchase props that are brand new for your event, and yours to keep at the end. Click Here to see them.

Do I set up & take down?

NO! Magic Mirror Kingstons attendants aren’t just pretty faces!  All the equipment is delivered, set up, tested, monitored and taken down by our Professional attendees.

Who designs the layouts for pictures?

We have photo booth workflow templates to choose from. And if you’d like something custom, our in-house graphic designer can create a photo layout according to your event theme. (Extra charges may apply)

What do you need at an event?

We need space of ideally 10×10 but at least 6×5. We need power, 110V, we bring our own extension cords. Internet, preferably hardwired but WiFi is an option. We do not guarantee connectivity of any WiFi as that falls under the venues responsibility. If it is available we can use it.

What is the dimension of the Magic Mirror?

The dimensions of The Magic Mirror is 809mm x 450mm x 1874mm (WxDxH). It comes with a base plate for stability.

Is the network connection on Magic Mirror wired or wireless?

The Internet connection can either be run on Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi.Internet connection will be needed during these sessions:

  • Sharing user’s photo/video via email
  • Generating QR Codes for the user to download photo/video
  • Uploading user’s photo/video to control panel gallery
  • New playlist download
  • Content update via the control panel
  • PC remote session

How can my Guests post their photos to their personal social media account?

Magic Mirror will generate a QR code for their pictures and users can save photos into their phones and post it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest instantly!

What would the magic mirror do when it's not being used?

This rarely happens but when it does The Magic Mirror will display pre-loaded videos or images that can be provided by the clients when it is in an idle state.

Will I see on the entire flow after I book a Reservation?

Yes, we would record a video, showing the entire flow with the UI design to ensure that everything is accurate before delivering it to the event.