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Understand Your Audience

Happy Monday!

This is the First in a series of 4 posts all about How to Launch a Product or Service in a Post Pandemic World.

A lot of Businesses Use Events to Launch new products, services, new companies, expansions even come high profile upper Management shifts. No matter what your purpose, the fundamentals of a successful event are the same.

Understand your Audience!

This is standard for pretty much everything, in business, in personal, online or in person. You need to have a Targeted Message and approach. Otherwise you risk losing your audience all together.

Use these questions to help put yourself in your customers shoes:

*Also as a note, answer these questions through the lens of your event. Online or in person. The answers can vary greatly depending on the medium.

Who are we trying to reach?
What will they want to know?
What questions are they likely to ask?
What is their preferred learning style?
Where can they go for more information?

Collaborate, and come up with as many answers for these as you can. At this stage the more data the better.

Next group and refine these ideas, like smelting metals to build purity. For each question see how many overlapping or duplicate answers you have. Group them together as they are the first to be refined. Clear strength points will become clear Once you have refined these you can move on to content.

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