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In an in person event this is relatively easy you can have employees directly talk to people, mingle talk about the service or product, answer questions ect. In a virtual setting this is more challenging, You can use Content to do the same job.

Use an Animation or Graphics to describe the key product features and Problems it solves. Something Dynamic attention grabbing
A Discussion between two Neutral experts that talked about some of the same issues but portrays less of a promotional tone. This is more informational, logical positioning your brand in the “smart choice” category.
Written content that goes into detail answering all key questions that aren’t covered in the above area. These should be written in a matter of fact voice, But not too technical. Be true to your branding and the tone always but make sure it comes across as relatable. You want connection with your market.
Be Flexible!! This is a guide, not a rulebook. You know your audience 1 Animation 1 recorded discussion and 1 detailed FAQ page is great but it’s not a silver bullet. You are the Silver bullet. Adapt these to your audience and your needs.
Last note, always give users a quick direct way to contact you. Not only for questions and to close deals, but to instill trust. Sometimes just knowing they can reach you easily is enough to instill trust and start building loyalty.

Never Has First Impressions Been More Important!

At a Physical event tossing out the line and setting the hook is the important part. Once you have then at your space a potential customer might spend 10-15 minutes of their time at your booth, or area. During that time you have their undivided attention. They are focused and give you ample opportunity to seize it.

The Virtual event is very Different! You have much less time. Average is roughly 3 minutes. There is a much larger chance your customer will be distracted. To combat this you need quick, hard hitting targeted experiences that taps into the specific things they want to know, and adds as much value as possible. On the flip side your potential audience is Far greater than any one building/ in person event could ever squeeze in.

Personalization is another way to connect with people This was pioneered in real life but has now transitioned to online. In email marketing, chat bots, ect. Using someone’s name automatically assumes a level of closeness, trust, ect.

Key takeaway: you don’t need to tell them absolutely everything you can think of. You need to zero in on the key things they need to hear. Spending more time in the questions area is key.

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