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Make your Landing page easy to Find

In person a landing page is basically a purchase, a POS device or wherever they can place an order. Make sure it’s at the peak, a natural destination not off to the side hidden from view! if Motion is an option walk with clients talking to them, moving towards the purchase area. Always Assume they are here to make the purchase. your just informing them of the value, features & benefits on the way.

Virtual events are a little different. The landing page you’re directing to should be easy to find from everywhere, no matter where your potential client is no matter what piece of content they are viewing (Animations, the Discussions, The Features & Benefits, the FAQs) make the decision to purchase as direct and easy to get to as possible. Avoiding distractions is key. and using a speedy intuitive checkout with email follow ups is best.

There’s no point in creating all that content if they can’t find the order page!

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