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Charity events are a great way to raise money for worthy causes & organizations. Doing your own research and learning how it will help you set up events that stick in people’s minds, open their wallets and have them hoping for an invite to your next event! 

Define your goals 

While the idea of having a party and getting donations is great, first you should set your specific intentions. Use these specifics to guide you through the process and you’ll have a much easier time and higher success rate. 

Common goals for charity events may include: 

  • Raising funds for a certain cause, organization or upcoming expenditure. 
  • Increasing visibility of your organizations and creating awareness towards your issue or cause. 
  • Cultivating new relationships with Donors, sponsors or other relationships. 
  • Prospecting for new recruits, volunteers or community partners. 

For example if your goal is to raise a specific amount of money, remember to add in the overall cost of the event into that number once you have a total number in mind look around in recent past for other events who have accomplished this. They can add to your knowledge base of what works and what your community enjoys. It can also be a reality check to make sure your goals are within the realm of possibility. 

If your goals and the abilities align with what’s possible then we have a great start. If there is an issue, now is the time to address it. Look at the overall and adjust where necessary. Often a simple tweak here and there can bring everything into focus. Once you have a set dollar amount in mind add roughly 30%, that way you have a buffer and room to work within, because let’s face it, sometimes things happen. You can thank me later! 

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