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Develop your Committees and Subcommittees 

When it comes to events of this importance you really can’t have too much help. Creating anything worthwhile, what was the saying? “takes a village”!

Helpful Hint: If your volunteers / staff are already stretched you may need more to complete these tasks, identify this early so it can be remedied early. 

While your specific Committees you form will depend on your needs, your event and people at your disposal. Here are some suggestions for developing effective committees: 


  • The Planning Committee: The job of the planning committee is to take care of all the behind the scenes stuff, including the logistics, the vendors, the venue, they lay all the foundational work, 
  • The Host Committee: The Host committee is for publicity. The marketing, creating as much buzz as possible. From assigning the event a # to community outreach, invitations, social media, fundraising goals, & engagements and awareness activities. 
  • The Event Day Committee: The event day committee is responsible for the day of logistics of running the event. Coordinating staff, vendors, volunteers, ect. All the situations that pop up and the challenges. They are the conductor in the middle of the symphony.  

Sub Committees:  

Your subcommittees are smaller within your larger committees and they will be responsible for specific aspects of your event. Just like your large committees these will vary depending on the size, scope, and manpower you have available. 

  • Event Branding. The Theme of the event is crucial. The lok the feel everything will be determined here. All other aspects must adhere to this to keep uniformity of the look and feel, the tone, the colour palette, all of it is set here. They will be in charge of decorating, and keeping everything cohesive. 
  • Catering Meals and Snacks: pretty self explanatory this group organizes all the food, drinks, horderves, snacks anything food or drink related. 
  • Advertising and marketing via social media and outreach efforts. Recruiting the right people with experience in social media is key. Look for local influencers. Or professionals that can get in front of a lot of people for a low cost. 
  • Sponsor Recruitment and engagement: This team is dedicated to seeking out the large high level sponsors. Either corporate, or personal these are the VIPs that will not only give the largest donations but can also bring extra media coverage and attention. All in pursuit of getting to, and surpassing your goals. 

*Note Depending on your size it may be prudent to have an assigned chairperson to organize and keep all committees and subcommittees on schedule. 

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