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Set Your Event Date & Book a Venue. 

*Tip: Beforeyou set a Date, Look for the Venue!! Nothing worse than Picking a date and setting everything in motion then having to undo it all because you can’t get a Venue! 

  • Venue Size and Layout: The first thing to think of is your attendance. How many people is reasonable to expect at your event, I find this is a good time to add 10% as a buffer.  Now with size, what season will you be in, will it be warm enough to be outside? Could there be hurricanes or torrential rain? 
  • Accessibility; Ensure you follow all your local guidelines for accessibility, including accommodations for persons with disabilities, parking, ect. 
  • Rental Costs: Make sure these align with your budget and stick to it! 
  • Venue Facilities: Will you need space for vendors? Stage? Lights? Does the venue take care of that? What is the Venue’s responsibility and what’s yours? Best to work out these details and sketch out the venue to make sure there’s enough room for everything! 
  • Transportation: Does your Venue have adequate parking? Will there be distant parking lots and a shuttle service? Who needs to organize this, Will people be flying in? Do you need shuttles from airports? Train stations? Especially for a charity function you want people to think of nothing but how much to give. The better you organize your event the more impressed they are and the more comfortable they will be handing over large cheques!  

In addition to these you must consider some other common barriers to success. 

  • Avoid Holidays, especially major ones! 
  • Investegate others looking to book similar events at similar times. Too many people asking for money at the same time can muddy the water. 
  • Major sporting events…. The less competition you have the better. You want as many eyes on you as possible. You want people to want to be there! 
  • Weather!!! It’s out of our control but how impressive is it when you plan so well it looks like even the weather submits to you. 

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