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Event Schedule 

Having a detailed itinerary is another way of keeping everything on track and smoothing the evening. It’s a great way of organizing the committees and subcommittees as well. An effective Schedule lists not only the activities and when, but also appoints a person for each one. That person’s responsibility is that each time slot is adhered to.  

Example: Charity race event schedule: 

6:00  Volunteers arrive, and set up water Boothes first aid and snack stations. -John 

7:00 Am participants registration opens – Sarah & Jennier

7:30 Gold level Sponsor makes opening remarks. – Acme inc. & John 

7:45 Participants given 15 min warning by John Volunteers assigned to starting line, finish line, and water stations. 

8:00 am Starting Pistol fired.- John

8:45 Thank sponsors, ask for more donations, give out website, & payment portal-john 

9:00 Get Finish line set up, cameras, stop watches on the ready, awards table, podium ect. Sarah , Jennifer and volunteers. 

10:00 radio update of positions, again thank sponsors, give out web addresses for more donations, ect. 

12:00 Race end  record placements as cross finish line- Sarah-Jennifer 

12:30 Walk race track clean any debris remnants of race – Volunteers

1:00 awards ceremony, podium, photographs, ect. – John 

2:00 Cleanup booths,  stations, ect – Volunteers 

*Times and events are not accurate just for example sakes. 

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