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Recruit Event Sponsors 

Partnering with Sponsors helps you reduce the cost of your event or provide neddadary supplies, raise awareness by assisting with your marketing efforts. Establishing good relationships with sponsors also means you may be able to call upon them to sponsor future events, 

First step in recruiting sponsors is to identify local organizations and businesses that both have the capacity to sponsor you and that have a similar outlook or mission as your organization. Then determine your sponsorship levels and the work out packages that highlight the benefits of sponsoring your events.

Examples of sponsorship levels could look like this: 

  • Contributor: $100 Donation (Gains you 2 tickets to event)
  • Bronze level: $350 Donation (6 tickets & 2 t shirts) 
  • Silver Level: $750 Donation (reserved table for 6,6 t shirts & your logo on the shirts)
  • Gold Level: $1500 Donation (reserve table for 10, 10 shirts, your logo included with sponsors, and honorable mention in all promotions. 
  • Presenting Sponsor: $4000 Donation 2 reserves tables for 10 each. 20 t shirts, your logo on all marketing material & promotions, And special thanks live at event announcements. 

Also Utilize Volunteers wherever you can. Send them out to hand out sponsorship packs They should also be followed up with a personal phone call from someone on your host committee.

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