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Advertise your Charity Event

Even the best event will fail to raise money if people dont know its happening, You need to Advertise your event on as many channels as possible. Factors you should take into account when advertising include: 

  • Add a Crowdfunding campaign. This is a great way to allow distance donations to your event.. GoFundMe is a great platform for raising awareness with an easy shareable way to collect donations. 
  • Create your own Hashtag. Encourage all participants, volunteers and sponsors to use it in their own social media posts to raise awareness. Use is to Advertise your event through all the main social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. Creating pages specific to your event, Profiles, hashtags & groups cna also help organize pictures, advertisements & public announcements. 
  • Create Promotional items. This includes things like Pens, T shirts, Buttons, Stickers, Waterbottles, Hats, Bags etc. Make sure whatever you choose has something to do with the event, the closer it relates the better. Ie: a race event could ise water bottles and sports type clothing, handing out branded mouse pads wouldn’t go over as well or convey the right message. 

Prepare For Ticket Sales

The first step in selling tickets is making sure they are as easy as possible to get. You’ll have to determine the cost per ticket. This is usually achieved by tallying all your expenses, multiplying by at least 2 then dividing by your expected attendance or venue capacity. This will ensure you recoup the costs but also make some of your goal with ticket sales alone. 

There are many dynamic ways of pricing, this is only 1. Be creative, 

For distribution use social media, get the word out, make sure you accept as variety of payments, like e-transfer, to make it easy for your social media team to aid in sales. If your event is larger try partnering with banks, or other businesses that can display / sell your tickets for you. 

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