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Create & Execute a Follow up Plan, 

Once the event is completed, make sure you have as muhc contact info for everyone as possible. Treat these well, nurture and foster them into long lasting relationships for future fund raising events. 

As soon as possible settle all accounts and collect any outstanding donations to balance the books and see if you’ve hit your targets or not. Either way, continue to use social media to praise any and all involved. You want everyone feeling well appreciated and praised. Including Volunteers, it’s important to recognize them for their efforts and contributions. 

Feedback is crucial to learning as much as possible to then apply to future events. Sending out an email survey lewts your attendees give you valuable feedback to learn about strengths, weaknesses and what upcoming events should have/ do. Remember to ask open ended questions and try to draw out their experience and recommendations for the future. 

Since your sponsors are effectively your partners in this event it’s a good idea to prepare a post event package. Its a good opportunity to send a thank you for their ongoing support. You could also include any data received that they may find useful, such as how many people attended and were given their logo, or how many people were directed to their website though the online portions. Highlight the benefits to them and ask them to continue the support for your next event. 

Wrapping up 

All in All having a Solid plan is a must. It can mean the difference between a ragging nightmare that fails to complete anything or achieve your financial goals and a smooth well oiled machine that glides effortlessly to success and becomes the talk of the town and you the center of focus and admiration! 

So get out there! Plan your event and help save your corner of the world! 

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