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Set Your Budget 

Once you have your Goals and your Committees in place it’s time to set a budget. The last thing you want to do is overspend on an exercise to raise money. Having a well laid out budget plan allocating money to the committees ect is always a good idea, and here is where that 30% buffer comes in. Because those issues seem to always happen its better to anticipate them than allow them to catch you off guard.  Try using rewards for those committee members that come under budget (without sacrificing quality!  No one wants spray cheese on a Ritz cracker! )

Common expenses: 

  • Staffing: This will include all payroll for this event for in house employees, any independent contractors / vendors such as photographers, delivery drivers. (Individuals)
  • Permits: Many events require a variety of licenses or permits, consult your local authority to make sure you’re in accordance with your local laws, bylaws ect. This includes but is not limited to Alcohol distribution, Noise abatements, you may news to hire police to direct traffic depending on the size of your gathering. Some May even need to rent extra restroom facilities to accommodate the amount of people. My Point being; Contact your local permit office because you don’t want to do all this work, pay out all these people and be shut down before you get started. 
  • Marketing & Advertising: This includes all Printings, Swag, Radio Advertisements, paid social media, if you’ve hired influencers or other promoters this is the category for them. 
  • Meal & Snack Catering: Ideally you’ll have 1 line for a catering company to take care of everything. However if you’re taking care of this in house or with volunteers accumulate all expenses for food, drink, snacks, cutlery & dishware. Any rented or purchased serving equipment and staff to serve if needed. 
  • Entertainment: This includes things like DJ, or Band, Comedian, Performers, Stereo/ Speaker, Stage, Lights rental.  Anything related to the Entertainment of your guests. 
  • Decorations: Fairly self explanatory. Banners, Flyers, Tablecloths, Flowers, Centerpieces, ect. 
  • Venue Rental: While some public venues are free, most private venues require a booking, with deposits ect.(when talking to the permit dept. Is a great time to ask about free spaces) That being said, many have their own catering companies, entertainment, decorations, ect. So be cautious and run all the numbers before committing to anything. You Don’t want to double expenses and using a venue that has many of these built in May save you a significant amount. 

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